Clayton Carlson is an experienced player in the Bay Area mobile and pop up vendor space.


Having received my MBA in Sustainable Management I wanted to help a community in need.  For me this became working with street vendors. I see events, pop ups, and festivals as a platform for innovative food and art startups to reach new audiences and scale their operations.

Formerly an employee with Off the Grid, I provided consulting to first time food truck owners and scaled our operations across the Bay Area. While consulting, I built up on its Instrucktional brand to reimagine in-person consulting into a digital format. I developed county-specific guides to streamline time spent reading through outdated city websites. I spent the next 6 months at Off the Grid working with private property owners and municipalities to bring mobile food events into new cities, executing contracts in excess of $80,000.  

I've assisted vendors with the following scopes of work:

Truck Wrapping, Automotive Repairs,
Truck Selection, Mobile Kitchen Upgrades,
Truck Cleaning, County Permitting,
City Licensing, City Permitting, State Sign Offs, MFF Applications, Budgeting,
Truck Energy Modeling,
City Fire Department Approval & Street Closures


Please let me know what you're interested in and I'd be happy to help.